Masters of the craft since 1666

Sporrong have created timeless metal products for more than 350 years. Unique quality pieces that harness the joy, pride, and inspiration of defining moments in people’s professional and private lives.
Our skilled craftsmen and the modern technology of our factory ensure that we continue to develop and deliver products
of high-quality that appeal to every new generation. We help you celebrate successes and reward and recognize individual accomplishments, and we help build strong company identities and teams. For today and for the future.

Sporrong –high quality metal pieces by experienced master craftsmen.


350 years of experience

Sporrong’s history

We’re sprung from the tradition of the metal guild workshops that were founded by metal master craftsmen in the 17th century. These supplied King Karl XI’s army, during a time in history when Sweden was a mighty military power in Europe. Our company has taken care of our legacy, our heritage of craftsmanship and quality for over 350 years, skills handed down from generation to generation, taught by master to apprentice.  Today the same skills are mastered by our team in our factory in Kuressaare, Estonia, where the majority of our products are produced.

We are also proud to be Purveyors to the Swedish Royal Court, an honor that bears witness to our high-quality standards.

Our Products

We develop tailor-made products, in close cooperation with our customers, sometimes engaging external designers.

By combining traditional handicraft with state-of-the-art production techniques, we create contemporary products for modern times. Throughout history, we have designed and manufactured thousands of uniform insignias, awards, medals, brand signs, and sports awards, symbols of recognition and achievements that strengthen the identities of both the giver and the receiver.  

Quality in every detail

We strive for perfection in everything we do and aim to deliver the highest quality in both products and services.  Our products are meticulously developed by our skilled team that are continuously trained to maintain quality excellence. We are ISO certified, we follow sustainability regulations, and apply energy- and waste management and sustainable production methods and materials.