Environment first

Continuous development

We are professionals and responsibility for people and our environment is important to us.
To us responsibility means insight, caring and accurate monitoring in everything we do. Throughout our long history, continuous development has always been important and sustainable care and monitoring is an integral part of our culture today. Our modern production facilities enable a transparent production process and the development of environmental responsibility. We follow sustainability regulations and apply energy- and waste management and sustainable production methods and materials.
Sporrong environmental policy in swedish

We are currently working with the EU on a circular economy project focusing on acids in our production facilities. We are also investing in recycling materials on our premises. Precious metals are recyclable, so when a product reaches the end of its life cycle, the materials can be used again and again.

How We Work

Quality craftsmanship

In our corporate culture, experience, care and creativity is present in everything we do. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards and services, as is to be expected from a company that is granted the high-quality mark as Purveyors to the Swedish Royal Court. 

Our own metal and enamel factory on the island Ösel in Estonia is state of the art. Estonia has strong and well-known craftsmanship traditions and our people impersonate these qualities, always delivering to meet our clients’ needs and desires. Our products are meticulously developed, and we continuously train to maintain skills and high quality in our craftmanship and processes. Production excellence is maintained by testing and constantly updating methods, materials, and design.

We have held ISO 9001 certification for our quality management system since 1999 and an ISO 14001 environmental management certificate since 2008 – proof of a job well done. We hope our customers recognise our professional pride in quality management and sustainable development, which these certificates demonstrate.

We cooperate with the best leading designers and artisans to add uniqueness. Swedish design icons Carl Milles and Carl Eldh created medal designs for Sporrong in the early 20th century, and today we have leading Scandinavian designers in our entourage.